Valentiny 2017

Welcome to my entry for the Valentiny 2017 contest! Hope you enjoy it!

Bob’s Valentine Dilemma 

Bob had never understood Valentine’s Day. All the candy, flowers and stuff were nice, of course, but did it all have to be about hearts and L-O-V-E? Bob had to give a Valentine to everyone in his class. They were friends, but did he L-O-V-E them? Bob thought not.

So what to give them all for Valentine’s Day?

An apple? No, that “you’re the apple of my eye” stuff meant L-O-V-E.

Bubble gum? “I’m stuck on you!” N-O-P-E.

Pizza? “Have a pizza my heart!” Ew.

Chocolate? “Sweets for the sweet!” Blech.

Flowers? “My tulips are for you!” Yuck!

Suckers? “I’m a sucker for you!” Sigh.

Then, Bob had it! It was unique, it was clever and it wasn’t all lovey-dovey gross!

On Valentine’s Day, Bob proudly handed out a single mitten to each of his confused classmates. With each one came a card… “Warmest Valentine wishes!”


Valentiny Contest 2016


This is my little entry for the 2016 Valentiny Contest!  With a top word count of 214 words (how cute, right?), it truly is a tiny story, meant for tiny people. I’m familiar with flash fiction of this length, but having it aimed at kids was a fun change. I rather liked how it turned out.  Enough nervous beating around the bush.  I present you…

Remembering Hammie

“It’s going to happen again, I just know it.  Twice this week – twice! – they’ve been late feeding me.  Cutting out red hearts, gluing stuff, coloring Valentines. But will anyone remember the hamster today?  Noooo. Just watch them forget me again,” I think.

I wait.

“Maybe if I drink loudly, they’ll hear and remember I need food!”

Drink, drink, drink, gulp, gulp, gulp.


“That’s not working.  They’re still ignoring me. Big surprise.”

I wait.

“Maybe if I run in my wheel, the squeaking will get their attention.”

Run, run, run. Squeak, squeak, squeak.


“Whew. That’s not working either. Still no food. I’m exhausted. And sloshing. May as well go in my burrow, hope the teacher feeds me after school,” I grumble.

“Mrs. Jenkins? Can I feed Hammie early? I brought him a special treat, see?” someone says.

I overhear my name and poke my nose out.

“Go ahead Ashley. I bet Hammie  will love heart shaped carrots,” the teacher says.

Next thing I see is a bag of carrot slices being emptied into my bowl.  I rush out and see that they’re funny shaped but smell the same.  I shove several in my mouth and scurry back to my burrow.

“Happy Valentine’s Day Hammie!”

“It is now human, it is now.”