Valentiny 2017

Welcome to my entry for the Valentiny 2017 contest! Hope you enjoy it!

Bob’s Valentine Dilemma 

Bob had never understood Valentine’s Day. All the candy, flowers and stuff were nice, of course, but did it all have to be about hearts and L-O-V-E? Bob had to give a Valentine to everyone in his class. They were friends, but did he L-O-V-E them? Bob thought not.

So what to give them all for Valentine’s Day?

An apple? No, that “you’re the apple of my eye” stuff meant L-O-V-E.

Bubble gum? “I’m stuck on you!” N-O-P-E.

Pizza? “Have a pizza my heart!” Ew.

Chocolate? “Sweets for the sweet!” Blech.

Flowers? “My tulips are for you!” Yuck!

Suckers? “I’m a sucker for you!” Sigh.

Then, Bob had it! It was unique, it was clever and it wasn’t all lovey-dovey gross!

On Valentine’s Day, Bob proudly handed out a single mitten to each of his confused classmates. With each one came a card… “Warmest Valentine wishes!”


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