Here we are, 5 days into November, and you know what that means? Yes, I’m still munching on the kids’ Halloween candy, but not that. It means National Novel Writing Month!

Yes boys, girls and others, that’s writing 50,000 words in 30 days! 1,667 words is the daily goal, and man is it hard. But it’s also one of my favorite times of year. The community, the general craziness of the whole idea, the forced deadline — it just gets me.

This year I’m moving right along at a steady clip of around 2,000+ words a day, which means that today I met tomorrow’s goal. A good feeling, let me tell you. It lets me know that I could have a nasty 24-hour virus or, you know, have Thanksgiving, and still finish on time.

My best friend Nicole and I had our first official write-in together yesterday at a little diner. We didn’t freeze like we did last year, and no one minded that we hogged a table for several hours. Bonus: by working in a diner, halfway through we got to have a Cake Break!

“That’s all very nice Meagan,” you may be saying. “But what are you WRITING ABOUT??”

Well, my friends, I’ll tell you. First I ask you to note the lovely graphic that is my book cover, made using Canva.


Now we’ll get to the nitty gritty. My book is a fantasy, and not the usual kiddie fare I show here. Consider yourself warned, though all that I’ll say here is tame.


Alex Hudson’s great-uncle Ezekiel just died, leaving her a magnificent house in his will. After meeting the only clause, that she view the house within 48 hours, Alex and her roommate Zadie find the house comes with hidden responsibilities. Now Alex is the new Gatekeeper to the doors to Heaven and Hell, and she can’t leave her post. Things get even more complex when an Angel gets kidnapped. If It’s not returned in 2 days, all of Heaven, Hell and Earth will cease to exist. While Alex has to stay behind and learn her new job, Zadie and her demonic helper are off on a road trip to save the world as we know it.



“Miranda!” Zeke exclaimed, forgetting the Angel drama immediately. “I’ve been looking for you everywhere! I lost my power to compel you to appear, I was afraid you’d left when I died.”

“Of course not Zeke, you told me you were going to come back here to help Alex, I wouldn’t leave,” Miranda said, then seemed to wish she hadn’t. “I’ve just been staying out of the way until everything calmed down. And I wouldn’t have shown myself now except I happened to be in the hallway when your firefighter walked, quite calmly, out the door with your “stolen” Angel.”

Alex and Zadie listened to this report with no small bit of incredulity, because while they’d gotten used to Zeke already, seeing another ghost in old-timey dress was a bit much to take in.

“This day has exceeded my medication,” Zadie said, tongue in cheek, under her breath to Alex.

“Tell me about it,” breathed Alex.

“Hello,  Miranda. Still skulking about I see,” Dee taunted.

“Demon,” Miranda said in curt greeting. “And since Zeke’s going to be rude, I’ll introduce myself. I’m Miranda Van Buren. You must be Alex, and from my eavesdropping, which I do apologize for, I’ve gathered that you’re Alex’s friend and roommate Zadie. It’s a pleasure to meet you properly.”

“Right, yes. Nice to meet you too. I’m afraid I don’t understand exactly… who you are though?” Zadie said, covering for Alex’s reflexive move to shake hands with the incorporeal being.

“Ah. Miranda’s… a house guest of sorts. A house ghost really, ha ha,” Zeke said weakly.

“Miranda haunts the house, properly, like a ghost should. Whether she’s wanted or not. I really must say I do approve of the idea Miranda, though your execution leaves much to be desired. You seem to do more dusting than scaring,” Dee said as she filed her nails. Miranda glared at Dee, and looked at Zeke to defend her.

“No, Miranda does not haunt the house. She rather lives here actually. The empty bedroom in the corner there, that’s hers…”

“Though she doesn’t need to sleep. Or eat, or shit for that matter,” Dee cut in. Miranda gasped.


That’s all for now darlings. Hope you liked the little peek into my head. Ta!






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